Google has unveiled new smart earphones that it claims are the world’s first to record a full conversation while the user is speaking.

The earphones are designed to work with the company’s new ‘Super Smart’ feature which allows users to record audio on-the-fly using the device’s microphone and then listen to it as they speak, according to Google.

The feature works with Google Voice, Google Assistant and other voice assistants, but it doesn’t have the same recording capabilities as Google’s Google Assistant.

It’s a bold move from the world-leading Google that is known for its smart speaker technology.

Google says the Super Smart feature works in a similar way to what the company claims works with Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

It is able to record and then automatically play back audio while the wearer is talking.

This will enable the company to provide “a full and complete set of data that can be used to improve the voice experience of your device”, the company says.

“The data you capture during the recording will be able to be saved and retrieved from the Google Cloud Platform and later displayed on a new device,” the company adds.

“Your voice will sound better than ever and the user experience will improve significantly.”

The earbud earphones come with a wireless microphone and a microphone that sits on top of a plastic headband.

It also has a microphone and speaker that is on the top of the earbuddy.

A battery that stores the data will be placed on the bottom of the device.

Google says it has developed “several microphones and microphones with the ability to record up to 20 microphones simultaneously”.

It also claims that the earphones will work in conjunction with Google Assistant to “enable users to access and manipulate information stored on the device”.

Google says it plans to release “severous new products over the coming months”, but it’s not clear how many will be compatible with the new smart device.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our products, and this is just one way to do it,” the head of the company told The Verge.

The company says that the new earphones have already been “successfully trialled on an iPhone X” and that it’s also working with “severals manufacturers to develop a similar earbuddies that could work with other Google devices”.

The new earbods are available for pre-order from the company.