By Kevin Murphy, ESPN NHL InsiderKevin Murphy: When a team wants to make the playoffs, the equipment that will help them does not change.

It is all the same, except for the helmets.

That’s where it gets really interesting.

Every team in the NHL now has equipment that has been made by the league, according to the league’s equipment policy.

For the first time in 20 years, it is the league that owns the equipment.

The players love it.

They have to have it, they say.

And the league has had to give the equipment a good shake to get the same level of quality that we expect from all of our players.

We have had a couple of players who have said, ‘I’ve got to get something that works for me,’ and that’s when we started making the helmets and the pads.

We had to get all of them.

We had to make sure we had a helmet that was durable and the right size for every player, from top to bottom.

And the equipment was all made by us.

We took all the pieces that are available to us, we took the equipment, and we put them together and we gave them a good test run and we’re going to have a long history of equipment with us.

It’s not just about being good.

It’s about being great and doing it right.

I’ve been watching the players on TV and I see them on the ice every day.

It just makes me happy.

It makes me excited, and it makes me proud to be an NHL player.

So it’s good to be back and doing what I do, even if it’s just going out and taking part in a game.