Gear manufacturers have long been touting their Ghost Hunters’ Helmet as a must-have for anyone who hunts, but there are several serious drawbacks to its appearance.

First, while the Ghost Hunters are able to see things well and are able wear any helmet, they are not equipped with advanced sensors that help them to see in the dark.

The Ghost Hunters can’t wear the full-face helmet and cannot even see the front of their helmets.

This has led to complaints that the Ghost Hunter is a bulky, cumbersome piece of gear.

It also means that they can’t use night vision goggles to help them find their targets, something that is essential for tracking down ghosts.

Second, the Ghost hunters’ helmets are made from a hard plastic material called polypropylene, which is difficult to clean, but is not particularly resistant to water.

This makes them very prone to getting soaked in the rain or water.

Finally, despite the Ghost’s ability to see through the night, the helmet can’t detect infrared light, which could be useful for locating a person in the darkness, but it is also a major security risk.

The lack of infrared capabilities means that any potential intruders could just as easily try to sneak into the Ghost.

If you’re interested in buying a Ghost’s helmet, you can check out our full review here.