I first visited the Summit’s website back in May and found that the company was planning to bring in the GT Advance Gaming Equipment summit to help raise funds for its “Global Games” event, which is scheduled for June 7-9 at a venue in San Francisco.

The event will include a $50,000 prize pool for the best-in-class, high-end gaming hardware and peripherals, plus the chance to compete for cash prizes of up to $50K.

While that prize pool was not disclosed, the company’s website says that the event will be held in a “world class venue” with “the best of the best.”

The GT Advance has already announced that it will be running a $1 million dollar tournament at its Summit event, but there has been no word on what prize pool the company will be offering for that tournament.

If you’re interested in participating in the Summit, the site says you can pre-register for a $100 donation to the GT ADVGET.

The website does not indicate how much the event is expected to cost, though a pre-registration fee of $150 is included.

You can read more about GT ADVGRESSES summit here: