Racing’s world governing body, the FIA, has confirmed the cancellation of the 2017 World Series of Racing (WSR) event due to the outbreak of the virus.

The World Series has been in the works since late 2015 and will take place in the United Arab Emirates in March, 2018.

It will be the second edition of the event in the UAE, and will see teams race against each other for the title.

The event will be held at Abu Dhabi’s Albert Island on March 23-26.

However, this year, there was a virus scare which forced the cancellation and postponement of the WSR, according to FIA.

A statement from the FIA read: “We have just received the results of a thorough investigation into the event which is to take place on March 27, 2018 in the Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Stadium.

The event has been cancelled due to a new coronavirus virus which is currently spreading throughout the region.

The FIA is in contact with the host and the organisers of the race and will provide further updates once these facts have been confirmed.”

The WSR was to have taken place in Abu Dhabi, but has been postponed due to illness.