A woman in Georgia says she has no regrets about working in the steel industry for 30 years.

The former officer and her partner shot and killed Tyshawn Robinson, 31, outside their home in February after he allegedly stabbed her several times in the neck and back.

Robinson died at a hospital.

She is survived by her husband, who works for a small metalworking company, and their four children.

The woman said she was proud of Robinson for helping her family through the worst of times and that she was thankful for the sacrifices made by law enforcement.

The woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution, said she had worked for the company for more than 30 years and said she always wore a badge to work.

She told CNN affiliate WXIA that the company has an excellent reputation in Georgia, and that it’s very different than some other areas in the country.

She said she and her husband worked for years as an engineer for the firm, and were happy to be a part of it.

“The people that I work with, they’re always there for us.

I always feel safe when I’m working here,” she said.

“They don’t let anything like this happen to them.

They’ve got a very positive attitude and they treat you with the utmost respect.”

She said the work was a part-time job and the couple was able to make a little extra money by selling their merchandise on Etsy.

She said she thought it would be a good opportunity to start a business.

But Robinson’s family said she never intended to sell anything and that they would never have made a sale if they hadn’t worked with her.

Robinsons death is the latest in a string of police killings of black people in Georgia.

Last month, the police killed 18-year-old Tanishia Jones, who had been shot while holding a knife and a BB gun, after she allegedly threatened officers with a knife.

A man who had a gun pointed at his head was also killed by police, and the state of Georgia agreed to pay him $25,000.

A month ago, a man was killed in an apparent murder-suicide after officers say he pointed a gun at them.