Sports Business Journal, November 20, 2020, 3:09PM EDT — For the first time ever, the NHL will have an official video game.

NHL 15 is the first game in the NHL to feature the first-ever NHL team, the Washington Capitals.

And while the game is set in the modern-day NHL, the real-life team has not been revealed.

The NHL has already had an official NHL team for years.

The New Jersey Devils, who have an NHL franchise in their backyard, first introduced a hockey team in 1989.

The Washington Capitals, who are based in Seattle, made their first appearance in a NHL game in 2001.

And the Boston Bruins, who play in Boston, debuted in the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

But the NHL has had no official video games for years, as fans have grown weary of having to wait a few weeks for their team’s debut.

It’s not like the league hasn’t been trying.

A few years ago, the league announced that the new NHL video game would be released in 2019.

And this past year, the commissioner’s office announced that it would release the first official video of the new game.

But as the league continues to develop and tweak its games, there are still a few details that have yet to be revealed.

The most prominent of those is the official team name.

According to the league, the game will be called “The Washington Capitals,” and the team will be based in Washington.

But the game’s name could also be changed.

The team will have “Capitals” as its name.

The Capitals also have a logo with the “W” in the “U” shaped like a crown, and it appears that the name could be changed from “The Capitals” to “Capitol Capitals.”

There are also some minor details that remain unknown.

The league did not confirm that the game would feature the return of former NHL player, former goalie, and current NHL coach Jaroslav Halak.

Halak played for the Capitals for nine seasons and has not coached in the league since 2011.

But if the league does make an official announcement, we’ll be sure to let you know what we know.

The official NHL 15 game is slated to be released on November 15, 2020.