The Barber Equipment Company has released a statement that it will not be selling new barbers to consumers this year, but instead will be introducing a new bar-cleaning system that is intended to replace the existing system.

Barber equipment suppliers like The Next Tech have been trying to get consumers to stop using traditional chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s to buy barbershop equipment.

According to a statement from The Next Brand, which owns the brand, this new system will be “much more convenient and affordable for customers who already shop for haircuts and waxes online.”

The company’s Barber Equipment will be made available through its online store and through its brick-and-mortar retail stores.

It will include products for home and professional haircuts, grooming tools and salon equipment.

In addition, the company will sell its barber gear directly to consumers, rather than through stores.

Barbershop owners and barber students have long used the existing chain to buy their equipment, but The Next brand has partnered with The Next Group, which is owned by the larger hardware and software maker Dell, to provide more affordable barbershops.

The company will not offer new products or services, however, and will instead offer the system as a trial program for the company’s customers.