The Nike Air Force 1 Black and White will be available in a limited run of 100 pairs in the US, with the Nike Airforce 1 Black or White shoe set to debut on November 18.

The Nike Sportswear line has already announced an upcoming “black” version of the Nike Nike AirForce 1 and “white” versions of the Air Force 3 and Air Force 4, and now, they have confirmed the AirForce 2 Black or Black & White version will be releasing on November 20th.

The Nike AirMax 1 Black & white model will retail for $200, and the Nike SportSwear line of Nike AirPods, Nike Trainer 2, Nike Max, Nike Zoom and Nike Fuel will all be released in black or white on November 16th.

Nike Sportswears are often a trend in the sportswear world, but the AirMax series is the first time that they have offered a pair in a white or black color option.

The AirForce 4 has already been rumored to release in white or white, and Nike has confirmed they will be making their own version of this shoe.

The shoes are expected to release on November 15th.

Source: Engadgget