We are not enemies, but our interests do not match our enemies.

We are a company which has a history of providing equipment to the Irish fishing industry and for many years has done so in a responsible manner.

We will continue to do so, and we will make it easy for Irish customers to do the same.

In recent years we have been told by some companies that they are not welcome in our shops, and I would suggest that there are other companies out there who are not so lucky.

In fact, many of the Irish businesses we have helped over the years have been targeted by the government.

This week we received an email from an Irish company called KG, which was approached by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

KG has been supplying equipment to our Irish customers since 2005, and has been in the process of selling the equipment to other Irish companies since 2014.

KGs equipment is being used by fishing boats in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The email from the department said:We have been informed that the equipment in question is not in the UK and is not registered to the UK Department of Enterprise and Trade.

It is not yet clear how long the equipment will be kept at our shop.

The department did not provide any further information, and our business continues to operate.

We have no problem with the Department’s decision to revoke the licence.

We are pleased that the Department has acted in a way that will prevent the use of equipment from being diverted to other jurisdictions.

It will allow us to continue to provide the equipment that we have always provided.

We hope that the department will make a positive decision that will ensure that Irish fishing businesses are able to continue with their business as usual, while respecting the rights of others.

We do not believe that we will be affected by the decision.

The UK government has not acted inappropriately in its dealings with Irish fishing.

We continue to operate in the EU.

The EU has a strong legal framework that enables us to operate legally in any other country.

It is disappointing that the Irish government is taking such a strong stance, but it is also important that our businesses continue to work and support our customers.

The department has the power to make decisions based on the law.

We have always done that and continue to.

The Department of Environment and Energy is responsible for fisheries, fisheries management, and environmental health.

The Department of Commerce and Industry has responsibility for the National Environment Agency and the Marine Health Board.