A man who rented out equipment to a sheriff’s deputy during a violent riot in the city of St. Petersburg has been charged with a felony, the city said Friday.

The owner of the property was charged Friday with tampering with a witness and misdemeanor theft, city spokeswoman Stephanie Koczela said.

The city said the owner, Robert J. Denton, agreed to forfeit the equipment after the sheriff’s office was notified.

Dickson is a former officer with the St. Pete Police Department.

“We appreciate that the sheriff was able to get the equipment back, and we thank him for that,” Kocsela said in a statement.

“We are also grateful for the work of our local law enforcement partners who have been able to help resolve the situation.”

The sheriff’s department was able during the riot to recover an armored vehicle, four shotguns and several rifles, Koczikela said, but the equipment has not been returned to the property.

The rioting took place last July and August after deputies and SWAT teams were called to a home on Lantana Street in St. Peter for an armed robbery.

A SWAT team also responded to the home and found a number of guns, but none of the weapons were found.

The deputy was shot and killed during the incident, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

The sheriff has acknowledged the officers’ actions during the confrontation, and a video of the incident surfaced online in September.