The first smart thermo-flux system can help save you money and prevent the damage that often comes with a malfunctioning device.

Read more:Smart thermostats and smart lighting can save your lifeMore stories from around the worldA woman and her husband have been battling with heat stroke for more than a month.

The couple have been relying on an expensive home heating system which has malfunctioned on multiple occasions.

The couple are in a situation where they cannot afford a replacement.

The owner of the house, an elderly man, says the new thermostater, which is designed to operate continuously, has been an absolute godsend.

“It was a very big pain for us.

We were spending almost Rs 3,000 a month on the house,” he said.

The man, who has been living in the same house for 10 years, said it was his first smart home and it saved him thousands of rupees.

“I had a lot of problems with the house heating, and the old thermostatic valve was very noisy and didn’t work properly.

I had to spend Rs 1 lakh on the replacement,” he added.