Lowes’ website recently had a huge spike in traffic, with more than half of visitors visiting it, but the owner is looking to cut down on the traffic by removing laptops and tablets from its inventory.

“We have been seeing a significant increase in the volume of traffic to our site and are trying to reduce that,” Lowes CEO and president of business development Chris Janssen said in a statement.

“While we believe the overwhelming majority of customers will still come to our website to browse and purchase Lowes products, we are working to reduce the volume on our site as well as our inventory.

We will continue to work to make sure our customers get the best price and service available on the Lowes marketplace.”

The company said it will remove laptops and tablet from its online store and will only allow them to be purchased from a Lowes retail location.

“Lowes is committed to reducing the impact on our customers, and as a result we will discontinue all laptops and iPads from our online store, including those that have been broken,” Jansens said.

Lowes also announced that it will stop selling refurbished laptop cases and will instead provide customers with replacement hardware and hardware repair parts.

“When we announced our new refurbished product line in May, we said we were going to reduce our inventory and increase our quality control,” Jonsens said in the statement.

“We have now delivered on both our promise to reduce inventory and to increase our commitment to our customers.

We are excited to continue to grow our Lowes business.”