The lab equipment section of is full of products that are only available through Amazon’s lab network, the company announced on Wednesday.

The lab section of the site contains everything from vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, microscopes, fluorescent microscopes and other equipment for the biomedical and medical industries.

But there are some items you might not expect to find there.

For example, there are not many high-end medical and scientific equipment on the site.

However, you can buy a medical scanner that will allow you to get a close-up of your body for an autopsy.

There are also some “high-end microscopes” that are specifically designed to examine cells.

The most important item on Amazon’s “low-end lab” section is an item called a “Bio-Analytical Microscope.”

This is a device that is made by Bio-Analytics Inc. (BHI) that is capable of “analyzing biological samples and DNA,” according to Amazon.

The company says it can perform “a variety of biological and clinical tests, including genetic and genetic-sequencing tests, as well as PCR and other bioinformatics.”

In fact, there is an online test called Bio-analytics Bio-Scanner which can do DNA analysis.

Amazon says the device is “the perfect tool for the science enthusiast.”

The company does not sell the device itself, but it offers a “lowest price” of $49.99.

Amazon does offer an “e-commerce” section that sells products from different suppliers.

The items on the Amazon site do not include a link to buy them, but you can search for the item by using the search bar.

You can also search for items by name.

Here is a list of some of the items you can find on Amazon.

There is a section called “Lab Equipment,” which is specifically geared towards medical equipment.

There’s a “CNC Machine” section for machines for machine tools, like routers and cutters.

There may also be sections for microscopes for different types of microscopes.

And then there is a “Medical Microscope,” which includes a microscope, a microscope glass, and a microscope brush.

Some of the products on Amazon include a “Pro Audio Electronics” section.

It includes a microphone, headphones, and some microphones.

“This is the kind of item that is useful for a wide variety of applications,” said Robyn Schmid, senior vice president of marketing at Bio-Analysis Inc. “It’s designed for a lot of different types [of] use, but is a great example of how Bio-analysis can be used in a wide range of fields.”

For example: In a video showing how a robot could make a bone sample, the robot uses a robotic arm to scrape a bone on a table, then a piece of plastic to cover the bone, and then a drill to drill through the bone.

Then the plastic is covered again and the robot moves on.

“That’s the kind that’s used in surgical robots and robotic systems,” Schmid said.

In a blog post on the Bio-Logic website, Bio-Analyser said that there is one other category of “high quality” lab equipment on Amazon: “High-end laboratory equipment that is specifically designed for scientific or medical purposes.”

Bio-logic’s bio-analytical tools can perform a variety of tests, and there are a few items in that category that can perform certain tests, like X-ray, blood tests, or other kinds of laboratory tests.

Bio-Thealyser sells “Microscopes,” which are basically microscopes that can examine cells and cells in a tissue.

There can be multiple types of micro-scopes, and Bio-alyzer also sells “Biopsies,” which use DNA analysis to examine and analyze DNA.

“They are really popular for genetic testing and other types of tests,” Schmit said.

Amazon also has a section on “Pro Tools,” which have been used for a long time by scientists and engineers.

There might be one or two Pro Tools available on Amazon, but there is no way to actually buy a Pro Tools.

There does not appear to be a link on the website to purchase Pro Tools, and the item is only $49, the lowest price for the product.

However Amazon also offers some of its own pro audio equipment, including an audio analyzer, a “digital mic” that can record audio, and an amplifier.

“There are a lot more tools and products available on the company’s site than what’s available here, but this is an excellent place to start,” Schmatt said.

“Amazon is a very good place to get quality items.

And it’s always interesting to see what the big companies are doing.”